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  • Los Gatos Commentary: Want a good workout? Take a trip to the grocery store …

    October 31st, 2014

    Some folks feel the need to join a gym to get their exercise. They walk and jog on the treadmill, then pump a little iron to get in their strength work.

    Others just exercise on their own by running laps around the high school track or by taking a brisk walk through the neighborhood. And still others have a treadmill set up at home, right in front of the TV.

    I have one, too. Its right there in the garage where I can walk up a good sweat and not miss a minute of ESPN since theres a TV there, too.

    But I dont use it anymore. And the gym? Dont need it. And as hot as its been lately, I certainly dont need to run the track.

    Nope, I get all the exercise I need just by doing...

    Gaming Barriers Push Singapore Casinos To Higher Margin Revenue

    October 31st, 2014

    The cash that casinos generate makes it possible to package them spectacularly. In Las Vegas and Macau, replicas of Venice complete with canals and gondoliers surround massive gaming floors. Las Vegas has shows to rival Broadway, clubs that stack up to nightspots anywhere, more celebrity chefs and designer labels than Paris, state of the art convention halls, shopping malls and arenas. Even embattled Atlantic City boasts an idealized version of old Havana. The overriding goal: bring people to the property to gamble.

    Singapore’s government was like the kid who prefers the box to the toy. It wanted the wrapping around the casino to attract tourist and give the city a buzz that would...

    PHOTOS: Take A Trip Around The Globe With This Sexy Celebrity Manscaper

    October 31st, 2014

    Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Johnson is more than just a talented coiffurist. Hes also very skilled in the art of manscaping.

    The 32-year-old, tattooed hair expert is the official barber for Englands football team, as well as the X Factor. He recently teamed up with razor giants Braun to show off his mad torso shaving skills. His specialty? Famous skylines. Johnsons immaculate designs take about two hours each to complete and elevate manscaping to a whole new level. Braun hopes Johnsons art will highlight the precision of their products.

    Check out these before and after photos of Johnsons impeccable work.

    The Great Pyramid of Giza

    New York


    P!nk, City and Colour take a trip down ‘rose ave.’

    October 30th, 2014

    Alecia Moore, better known as pop/rock star P!nk, and Dallas Green, better known as City and Colour, have come together as You+Me and created an eye-opening folk album, rose ave. Considering the recent obsession with EDM, many might not consider themselves fans of folk, but after listening to Moore and Green’s harmonious duets, music fans will be begging for less bass and auto-tune and more banjos.

    Fareham carers take a trip to the House of Commons

    October 30th, 2014

    CARERS for vulnerable adults were invited to the House of Commons to talk about charity Shared Lives Plus.

    David Payne, 36, and his carers Nick Patterdon and Meriel Sprake, from Fareham, went to the event on Tuesday, which was hosted by Liz Kendall, the shadow minister for care and older people.

    The trip was to promote awareness of Shared Lives Plus, a scheme which supports vulnerable and disabled adults by getting them to live in the home of a carer.

    Mr Patterdon, 56, and his partner Ms Sprake, 48, have been caring for people in their home for nearly four years and Mr Payne, who has learning difficulties, has been living with them from more than two years.


    24-hour charity gaming marathon this Saturday at The Vibe in downtown Huntsville

    October 30th, 2014

    HUNTSVILLE, Alabama–X-BOX, PS4, poker, board games, Fruit Ninja, you name it.

    All will be available to play this Saturday during Extra Life,a 24-hour gaming marathon benefiting the Childrens Miracle Network and Childrens of Alabama.

    Extra Life began in 2008 when a single gamer was touched by the story of Victoria Enmons battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Toris story inspired the community at Sarcastic Gamer to rally together and raise funds to support her fight. Although Tori lost her battle with cancer later that year, this led to the creation of Extra Life.

    From 8 am Oct. 25th until 8 am Oct. 26th, local gamers will be playing at The Vibe in downtown...

    Time Travel Back Through Gaming History

    October 29th, 2014

    Hello Guys

    Just wanted to get in touch to keep you updated on things with our latest news, any questions just let me know. Claire

    Life is all about journeys

    Life of Pixel has made the fantastic journey from being on Steam Greenlight, to being Greenlit and now is a full on game release on Steam!

    Time travel back through gaming history and in Life of Pixel you will be on a journey exploring classic gaming machines with over 100 levels. Your platforming skills will be challenged like never before! With online leader boards and Steam achievements your journey will be recorded for prosperity. That is what Life of Pixel brings to the Steam platform, that...

    Guests can eat the animals on display at this Swiss zoo

    October 29th, 2014

    Langnau am Albis, just south of Zurich, has been serving game meat from the exhibits at restaurants on park grounds in order to control animal populations. Martin Kilchenmann, a spokesman for the wildlife park, told Der Landbote that the animals on the menu were killed on the park property.

    Kilchenmann explained that the process was “very ecological,” and teaches park visitors about the “natural cycle” of the animals.

    In 2012, 49 deer and 10 boar were shot in the park and “recycled” for eating purposes at the zoos eateries, including The Bear Enclosure and The Hunters Room. Kilchenmann said about 100 animals are born each year at the zoo, and if new homes...

    Rescue Animals Get The Help They Need Thanks To Online Donations

    October 29th, 2014

    Its easier to get many people to give small sums of money than to get just a few people to give you large amounts of money, said Sarah Timms, a Colorado attorney who founded LoveAnimals.org.

    The site gave a new chance at life to a kitten named Roger, who was thrown from a moving car in Colorado in early September and required a leg amputation.

    Longmont Humane Society in Colorado, which took in the 1-pound kitten, doubled its goal of $650 in less than 24 hours of online fundraising. Twenty people donated between $5 and $375 through Love Animals to help pay for medical bills and rehab for Roger.

    Timms founded the free site after reading a study from Massolution, a crowdfunding...

    Election 2014 FAQ: Prop 48 — Indian gaming compacts

    October 29th, 2014

    Full list of props |Vote in our poll| Follow the money

    Proposition 48 is a referendum onAssembly Bill 277, a bill passed by the legislature in June 2013 to approve gaming compacts between the state and the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians and the Wiyot Tribe. It was placed on the ballot by voter petition and gives voters the final say in whether to approve or reject the compacts.

    Whos behind this ballot measure?

    Cheryl Schmit, director of the gambling watchdog group Stand Up for California, was the proponent behind Prop 48.

    When voters approved Prop 1A in 2000, they modified the state constitution to allow Indian tribes to operate casinos on Indian land, subject...