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  • Bite Size Art at 4th Street Fine Art: Tiny Masterpieces on Display

    November 26th, 2014

    If San Franciscos annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel has taught us anything, its that some things are just better when theyre smaller. Just look at Hot Wheels, mini-muffins, and those teacup pigs people keep buying. Want to grab peoples attention? Make it small.

    Berkeleys 4th Street Fine Art is applying this principle to art, with its Little Delights Group Show, open now through January 12. The exhibition, which features artists from all over the Bay Area, will feature bite-sized pieces, all designed to pack as much artistic brilliance into as small a space as possible.

    The works are also for sale, at prices that match their miniature size. The art is in a comfortable $50-200 range,...

    Guide to fine art exhibits, music and more

    November 26th, 2014

    Marjorie Spalding Horne, a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America in both colored pencil and mixed media, will be featured, Dec. 5-28, at the Art Market Gallery, 422 S. Gay St. A University of Tennessee graduate in fine arts, Horne says, “Always, art is a meditation. It feeds my soul and brings wholeness to my life.”

    Fine art for all in Cologne

    November 25th, 2014

    The German city of Cologne has opened its doors to the Fine Art fair. Collectors visiting the fair can choose from an extensive collection of antiques and art from the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Approximately 100 galleries and dealers have been selected to present masterpieces from Europe and around the globe.

    Art, handicrafts, jewellery and furniture are all on display.

    Once again, Cologne Fine Art has a ‘Style Icons’ exhibit. For example, vintage cars, haute couture and design objects from the 20th century.

    Director of Cologne Fine Art, Cornelia Zinken, spoke about the exhibition.

    The concept of Style Icons in all their diversity encompasses...

    Health for the Holidays? Have Fun!

    November 25th, 2014

    With this singular season of lofty ideals, crass commercialism, family gatherings, varying religious significance, aeronautical ungulates, indulgent torpor and culinary debauchery- euphemistically known as the holidays — upon us, where should health figure in it?

    At the front of the line, I say. Have a good time!

    You might expect me, a preventive medicine specialist, to go another way with this. But honestly, I think the best thing you can do about your health over the holidays is: enjoy yourself. Permit me to make the case.

    First, I think pleasure as a source of health fails to get the respect it deserves. Its hard to be seriously stressed out and having a great...

    Cosby Lawyer: “Media-Driven Feeding Frenzy” Is “Utter Nonsense”

    November 25th, 2014

    Beverly Hills attorney Marty Singer lashed out at the media today for its handling of the Bill Cosby sex abuse scandal, while also questioning the motives and credibility of his clients accusers. Weve reached the point of absurdity. The stories are getting more ridiculous, said Singer, who long has practiced extreme offense as a form of public defense for his clients. This is the man who just last month threatened Google with a $100 million lawsuit over hacked celebrity photos. People coming out of nowhere with this sort of inane yarn is what happens in a media-driven feeding frenzy. Singer went after one of the newest Cosby accusers, former actress Louisa Moritz, who went public today with...

    Edgewood Seller: Can You Please Make Fun of My House?

    November 24th, 2014

    The seller of this two-bedroom Edgewood bungalow on Memorial Drive chimes in with the hilarious request that someone make fun of it. Then he mocks the Imagine Memorial campaign that would directly, positively impact his very street. And he points out the listing agents suspect claim that a buyer could walk to the Edgewood Retail District from here. Look, nobody sets out to ridicule anyones most valuable possession (unless it has couch swings), but in the course of researching a range of properties with appeal that extends beyond their respective neighborhoods, giving an honest opinion can naturally beget criticism. That being said, this house sucks! Lets start with the lockable mailbox,...

    Free Fun in Austin weekend

    November 24th, 2014
    Austin skyline. (Frank Martinez/KXAN)

    Here are the top 5 free events this weekend thanks to our partners at Free Fun in here.

    1.    Mozart’s Light Show Friday, November 21 Sunday, January 4, from 6 pm midnight. The 15-minute light show will start at 6 pm and then repeat every hour on the hour until midnight. The FREE light show will be bigger and better than all past years!  Hot beverages will be available for purchase. Check the Facebook page for weather updates. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin.
    2.    East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) Saturday, November 22 and Sunday,...

    Red Report: Pelini tells Armstrong ‘Go have fun’

    November 24th, 2014

    Its easy to get pretty serious around here about Husker football, especially in a week following a 59-24 thumping at Wisconsin.

    But Bo Pelini is hoping sophomore quarterback Tommy Armstrong loosens up after some recent tough outings.

    Armstrong is just 14-of-39 throwing the ball the past two games, with three interceptions. But his coach said Armstrong was sharp during practice this week.

    I said to him the other day, Go have fun. Relax and play, said Pelini, making a calm-down motion with his hands. Just go out there and play. Hopefully, thats what hes going to do on Saturday, and I think well like the result.

    Pelini was asked if Armstrong is so fiery that maybe...

    3rd Annual Carefree Fine Art of the Southwest Festival

    November 23rd, 2014

    NOVEMBER 19, 2014
    3rd Annual Carefree Fine Art of the Southwest Festival

    CAREFREE/CAVE CREEK/N. SCOTTSDALE You dont want to miss the 3rd Annual Carefree Fine Art of the Southwest Festival, at the Carefree Desert Gardens in downtown Carefree, Friday, November 28 Sunday, November 30, at the Carefree Desert Gardens, 101 Easy St., in downtown Carefree, Arizona.

    The festival features more than 100 fine arts exhibits, plus live music and dance performances throughout the event, including nationally-renowned Native American Hoop Dancer Brian Hammill (r). The festival is open from 10 am 5 pm daily. Admission is free.

    A lush...

    Improvements, connections for bike trails planned

    November 23rd, 2014

    Much of the work on state trails this year, and into the next few years, will focus on improving existing trails, including widening them or building connections to complete them and connect with cities.

    The region has nine state trails with the Root River and its connecting Harmony-Preston Valley the biggest system.